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Thank you for visiting my little soap store!

I'm sure you are curious about where our name came from and how I got interested in making soap. Well, a few years back one afternoon at my regular job in a veterinary office I answered the phone when the person in charge of the BLM burro management called saying that he had a 10 day old orphan that needed a foster home. I knew just the person, a good friend that had goats she milked to make cheese and yogurt. Zippity as he became known was adopted and grew up a little differently than he would have in the wild. He spent the afternoon of his first Thanksgiving on the couch and took a few naps in a hammock over the next few weeks. Currently, he is like many other Burros or donkeys spending his time in a large pasture with a horse, another donkey and several miniature horses, goats, dogs, ducks and some other farm animals.

My first few batches of soap came out so well that I started sharing them with friends and I began hearing them say that they don't need to use lotion anymore because the soap made their skin feel so nice and moisturized. I use many different oils in some soaps, others are very simple with only one or two, so take a look around, I'm sure you'll find something that is perfect for you. If you are looking for Vegan or something made without nut oils because of allergies, you'll find a few to choose from.

Be sure to check out the Odds & Ends page, too! There you'll find handcrafted soap bags, wash cloths, and scrubbers as well as soaps perfect to tuck in your purse or pocket to take with you for a day trip or camping.

I'm also making bar dish soaps. You will want to try these! I didn't think anything could make me stop buying the blue name brand we all know so well. Some people say this works as a laundry stain stick also (please test in an inconspicuous place first,this isn't what it is made for and I'm not responsible for damage to clothing). My friend Jessica has bought a number of bars after I gave her one to try. She has even cut them in 1/2 so her boyfriend had one for his house! Recently, she messaged me that her son had written in permanent marker on the seat of a wooden dining chair. After trying a few other products that didn't touch it, she grabbed the dish soap bar and a kitchen sponge. The marker came right off with no damage to the chair.

Before and After pictures provided by Jessica.

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