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Citrus Dishwashing Bar

Citrus Dishwashing Bar

If you haven't tried a bar dish soap yet, you are in for a treat! Better for the environment with little packaging, no plastic, no wasted water. Try it, you'll wish you had found this sooner. These bars routinely last about 4-6 weeks in our home. Just place on a soap dish that allows it to drain and dry out between uses.
I was recently told by one of my customers that her young son had written  a wooden dining room chair in permanent marker. She tried several other cleaners to no avail. Finally grabbed her bar dish soap and kitchen sponge and it wiped right off. Try this at your own risk as these bars are made for doing dishes.

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, Tallow, Lard, Purified water, Sodium Hydroxide, Soybean oil, Canola oil, Castor oil, Citric acid, Lemon essential oil

    Bar size ranges from 5.0-6.0 oz. Each bar is individually cut

    When not in use bar soap should be stored on a soap dish that allows it to drain and dry out between uses for the longest life.


    Due to the personal use nature of soap products we are unable to take returns. Refunds will be assessed on a case by case basis limited to products damaged in shipping.

    Please ask any questions about the products prior to purchase.


    I ship through USPS 2-3 times weekly. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Reviews

    Jessica tells me that her son wrote in permanent marker on a wooden dining room chair. She tried several products that did not remove it at all. Then, she tried her bar of dish soap and kitchen sponge and it wiped off without damaging the finish on the wood.

    Debbie said that she had stained a skort with either salsa or salad dressing. After several washings the old stain was still there. She decided to try the dishwashing bar and rubbed the stain with it prior to laundering again. The stain came out completely.

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